San Francisco Towing Service

We all have been there in the middle of nowhere, stranded on an empty and deserted road. If you do not like the idea of having to wait for somebody to stop and assist you then give us a call to take advantage of our auto towing services!

We pride ourselves in providing affordable, professional and reliable towing services to San Francisco and surrounding areas including Burlingame, San Mateo, Palo Alto, Give us a call so we can get a chance to meet and do business with our responsible towing company.

Jose’s Towing Services is family owned and operated Since 2015 and It was found by Jose V. Badillo in San Francisco. Started as a one-man operation (Jose) when he purchased his first tow truck. Mr. Badillo a very young entrepreneur was determined to grow his business and did so by working 7 days a week to save up and buy more equipment. Within a year his hard work paid off. He purchased new equipment and hired drivers to work for him. Three years into the business, has a 12 truck Fleet and 14 employees. Jose is all about getting the job done big or small.
We respond fast and work clean with all California state licenses on board. Customer service is what our focus is, we want to make sure you’re at comfort during the towing process.

Tow Trucks

  • Truck #2400: 2017 FREIGHTLINER MED DUTY Flat Bed
  • Truck #2430: 2016 RAM 5500 AUTO LOADER
  • Truck #2432: 2008 STERLING BULLET 4 CAR CARRIER
  • Truck #2434: 2011 FORD LOW CLEARANCE FORD F-350
  • Truck #2435: 2013 RAM 5500 AUTO LOADER
  • Truck #2436: 2013 RAM 5500 AUTO LOADER
  • Truck #2437: 2017 RAM 5500 AUTO LOADER
  • Truck #2438: 2017 RAM 5500 AUTO LOADER
  • Truck #2439: 2017 RAM 5500 AUTO LOADER
  • Truck #2440: 2017 RAM 5500 AUTO LOADER
  • Truck #2441: 2017 RAM 5500 QUAD CAB
  • Truck #2442: 2017 RAM 5500 QUAD CAB

Throughout the years Our San Francisco Towing Company has provided services for thousands of customers, and have mastered how to tow and service all kinds of situations. We would like to take this time to tell you about us. First and foremost we would like to ensure you that when we receive your call there will be a truck there within minutes. We want our customers to trust in our ETA (estimated time arrival).

Our San Francisco Towing Company can assist you in any predicament you might find yourself in. Whether it be a blocked driveway, a dead battery, a flat tire, or even a private property, Our San Francisco Towing Company will be there for your needs. What if you locked your keys in your vehicle? Our San Francisco Towing Company provides lock out services.. We are your one stop shop for all your towing needs.

Other tow companies in the area that we recommend are Auto Towing and San Francisco Bay Area Towing Our tow truck operators have worked side by side with these companies in the past. If we’re too busy, we feel very confident referring you to them.

So whatever your needs, Jose’s Towing services a call today at (415) 310-6350